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Wednesday 8th September 2021 - Postponed - watch this space

Once again Kingston Lodge 1010 has continued online during the summer recess (and Covid-19 lockdown) with an invitation to the Daggards Zoom Quartet to premiere a new performance; this time looking at freemason Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The Game's Afoot is set in the context of a Victorian seance. Details to follow.


Monday 29th November 2021 - Postponed. Watch this space:

The West Riding Acting Officers Lodge 9645 has requested the Daggards Quartet to give a live performance of Writing the Minutes at their regular meeting following the Installation of the New WM, Peter Firth. They meet at the MH Wellgate, Rotherham S60 2LY. Currently the Daggards Team (which includes vulnerable Brethren) is reluctant to travel,)



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